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How does UNA work?+
Once configured to your home wireless network, UNA works by triggering a phone call or SMS to your emergency contacts when the UNA Button is pressed.
How much does UNA cost?+
UNA will be launching this summer. The pricepoint will be around $50 (TBD). To purchase a button, please join our waitlist.
Is wireless internet required to use UNA?+
Yes, you must have wifi in the location where you plan to use the UNA Button.
Can I setup UNA at my house and then use it somewhere else?+
UNA must be configured on the network where it will be used. In the device settings, you can re-configure an UNA Button to work on a different network, but it will only work on the network where it’s configured.
How many contacts can I have?+
UNA currently allows up to five emergency contacts. You may choose how each contact would like notified, SMS or phone call. The same contact may be notified by both SMS and phone call if you choose.
How difficult is it to set up UNA?+
Setting up an UNA is very similar to configuring a Google Chromecast or Amazon Echo. If you’re comfortable setting up those, UNA should be a breeze.
Can I set up UNA using Windows?+
Yes, UNA may be set up in the Chrome browser on Mac or PC.
Can I set up UNA on my iPhone/Android?+
Yes, UNA may be set up using an iPhone or Android in the mobile Chrome browser.
How many alerts are there on an UNA?+
Each UNA Button comes with 100 alerts. We will soon be releasing refills that will allow you to purchase more alerts.
Can I change the batteries?+
UNA Buttons are not replaceable.
How long will UNA last before I need to replace it?+
We expect UNA Buttons to work for up to 1,000 presses or two years, whichever comes first.
Can UNA get wet?+
UNA is not waterproof, so we suggest keeping it dry.